What is JelinekPetr.Reporting?

It is a simple and quick .NET component made for generating press assemblies according to templates of whichever data object of all .Net languages.In an assembly designer, the developer simply creates a template, which is further saved as an XML document. This template is simply editable even without a designer. Then, the developer transmits any .NET object to the generator, which generates an assembly, that is possible to either print or display as a preview or export the assembly to PDF,  jpg, png or wmf format. The generator was created for simple and economic print assemblies such as invoices, applications, etc.


  • get data from any .NET objects
  • get data recursively (Invoice.Address.CompanyName)
  • get IList data (Invoice(0).Address.CompanyName)
  • multiple datasource objects
  • inherited styles
  • regions, data regions and data sub regions
  • simple and fast report generator
  • simple report designer
  • report templates are saved as XML file, simply edited in notepad
  • direct print to default printer
  • parse data only once
  • export to PDF from preview user control
  • export to PDF direct from code without preview
  • export to bitmap, png, jpg, bmp, wmf file