Simple report designer

Designer main window is divided into three parts. The first third shows a preview of the report, one third of the tree structure templates, and the last third of the properties of the currently selected object in the tree templates.

Application to run needs the following libraries:

  • JelinekPetr.Reporting.Designer.exe
  • JelinekPetr.Reporting.dll
  • JelinekPetr.WindowsControlLibrary.dll
  • JelinekPetr.CommonLibrary.dll
  • JelinekPetr.Library.dll

Data sources

Data sources for reporting may be any .NET objects with public properties. Number of datasources is unlimited. Static datasource is limited to 1000 objects in datasources collections. Data are added to collection DataSources:

Dim frm As New JelinekPetr.Reporting.WinForms.PrintForm()

Datasource index: index in datasource collection. If you set index to -1, datasource for this print object is set to datasource his parent datasource object. Default settings is set to parent data object with value -1.

Datasource path: if data, that you wish to print, are submerged in the data object, you can get submerged object from datasource with her name. If datasource object has public property Address (class with properties Name, Street, City etc), you can get this Address object as datasource from Datasources collection. Set datasource path to „Address“.

Move to next row: if this object is sucesfully printed and datasource for this object is IList type, reporting move the position in the IList collection to new position.

Print if data is null or empty: if data in datasource are empty or null, this print object and her child object is not print.

Static (shared) datasource: default datasource is visible only for this type print object and his childs and if object is IList type, the position is paired with this report type obejct (etc. Region). If you want get this data object with this position in other print object, you must set this datasource as static. Static position is set for entire report.

Property path

Get property value from datasource and format as „String format“.

If property path is set to:

  • ?  – Value of property is datasource object (without property)
  • {date}, {datetime} – Value is current date and time formatted as String format.

Functions in datasources

JelinekPetr.Reporting allow use simple functions. Functions must be set to TextBefor value.

  • {page} – add current page number
  • {pages} – add total pages count number
  • {page/pages} – add page/total pages. It is allow use {page / pages}, {page z pages}, {page from pages}.